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I am a creative professional with a multidisciplinary background in audiovisual media, digital service design, performance, sound art, contemporary opera and experimental music theatre.

In recent years, I have mainly been researching and developing the emerging genre of digital opera. In particular I am interested in the novel forms of narrative that the technologically augmented performative event suggests.

I currently work as the Head of Arts and Culture at the Finnish Institute in London. Due to the nature of that post, I do not update these pages at the moment. You can find more information about my current activities here.

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Jaakko Nousiainen

  • Afternoon light in Paris, 2014.

  • You Are Here In front of our artwork at Glyndebourne with composer Miika Hyytiäinen.

  • You Are Here Filming in front of the Deutsche Oper Berlin

  • La Figure de la Terre Discussing a scene with Estelle Lefort

  • La Figure de la Terre Working on projection ideas

  • La Figure de la Terre Rehearsing with Mathias Monrad Møller

  • Omnivore On the set with Mika Hyytiäinen and Eetu Lipponen

  • Omnivore Preparing a scene with Kukka Sand and Essi Luttinen

  • NEWS

    Last September Operational and Technology director of ExClaM! Katariina Nyberg, composer Miika Hyytiäinen and I were invited to give a talk at the Music Tech Fest London at the LSO St Luke's. Music Tech Fest is a festival that brings together people and ideas by mixing performances, experiments, hacks, demos, talks and installations. In our presentation we talked about our approaches to new technologies and gave examples of how contemporary opera and experimental music theatre can be performed in the digital age. The talk is now made available online and you can see it here together with other MTF London presentations.

    I have just completed my Doctor of Arts degree. I defended my thesis Expanding opera into mobile media at the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi in the end of January. The opponent was professor Mauri Kaipainen from Södertörn University in Sweden and the custos was professor Eija Timonen from the University of Lapland. The research focuses on lessons learned from the experimental mobile opera Omnivore (2012). In the study I examine what kind of ontological notions the mobile medium sensitizes in opera, what is particular about the artwork’s multidisciplinary creative process, and ultimately, what kind of thought trajectories the experience suggests for future creation of opera using mobile technologies. The thesis is available online and you can download it here.

    You Are Here is an experimental location specific opera by Miika Hyytiäinen and myself. The work creates an abstraction of 'the opera house' by connecting the Glyndebourne Opera to exterior spaces in front of the three opera houses in Berlin. In Glyndebourne You Are Here can be encountered in the form of framed QR code ’artworks’. When activated with a smartphone camera, each code connects to a short opera video filmed in Berlin. The work was commissioned by the Opera and the Media of the Future (OMF) research initiative at the University of Sussex. More about the work here.


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    Music theatre | Director

    La Figure de la Terre
    La Figure de la Terre

    Opera | Libretto, director

    Pierrot Lunaire And Its Shadow

    Music theatre | Director


    Opera | Libretto, director